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In this guide, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about using Microsoft Teams.

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NB! To log in to Teams, enter, not firstname.surname@ut,ee.

  • An important trick in an MS Teams chat is to reply to a conversation in the same thread instead of starting a new conversation: 
    • Use the Reply field in the conversation.
    • Do not reply by writing to the field Start a new conversation.

  • If you belong to many teams, it may be rather difficult to keep an eye on all discussions in all groups. 
  • If you want to get the attention of a group, channel or person, use the @mention. 
  • Then the mentioned person will receive an active notification - a red alert in the Activity and/or Teams and/or Chat menu.
  • A person who does not actively use MS Teams (for instance, an external guest) also receives the notification by e-mail.
  • If you have switched on the notifications of a channel, you will also be notified if you are not @mentioned. 
    • By default, notifications of new messages in groups are switched off in MS Teams. 
    • See Creating a team workspace in MS Teams (turn on notifications on new group messages in MS Teams).

  • With the large gallery view, you can watch up to 49 video streams at a time.
  • "New Meeting Experience" must be enabled before using large gallery view.
  • At least 10 participants must share their video for the large gallery view to be available.
  • During a meeting, select "..." >  select "Large Gallery". If it is not grayed out, it means that there are at least 10 active video streams.

Large gallery view

  • MS Teams allows pinning important channels. 
  • Select Pin under “...” next to a channel name.

  • MS Teams allows creating channels with private access.
  • When you create a new channel, you can choose to give access to the entire team or only some members. 
    • By default, access is granted to the entire team. 
  • Creating a private channel.
    • Click on "...” next to the team name and then Add channel.
    • Insert the channel name.
    • Select Private - accessible only to specific group of people within the team from privacy settings. 
    • Click Next. 
    • Add members and click Done. 

  • We advise choosing the type Other.
  • If you choose another team type (Class, Staff, etc.), the menu bar of the team will include pre-configured modules you won't probably need (e.g. Staff notebook).

  • MS Teams allows adding modules to be used within team. 
  • MS Forms and Polly are suitable for voting and polls. 
  • Check Organizing a vote in Teams (old)

  • It is wise to archive the workspace when the team workspace is no longer needed. 
  • If a team workspace is deleted, all the content, conversations, etc. created in the team will be lost. 
  • A deleted group can be restored by an administrator within 30 days after deletion. 
    • Contact the IT helpdesk to restore a deleted group.

  • An MS Teams chat is not the best option for sending work assignments and requests to others. 
    • Since the main focus of MS Teams is conversations, it is not easy for people to take on assignments from there.
  • The MS Teams menu Assignmentsis meant for teaching activities and is not suitable for managing a team’s work assignments in general.
  • A more convenient tool for joint management of work assignments is the Planner that can be added to an MS Teams workgroup as a module.

  • An external member can be added to an MS Teams team as a guest, using the person’s e-mail address. 
  • If the person has not used MS Teams before, he/she must first create a free account of MS Teams and can then join the corresponding workgroup. 

  • Click “...” next to the team name.  
  • Select Get link to the team.  
  • Select Copy.  
  • You can share the copied link through other channels.  
  • The team owner needs to accept the requests sent through the link.  
    • Manage Team → Pending Requests → Accept.  
  • Tip: if you want people with the link to join the team right away, without the acceptance, you can create a team code: 
    • Manage Team → Settings → Team code → Generate.  
    • You can share this code together with the invite link via other channels. 

Generating a Team code:

  • MS Teams allows configuring the rights of the team members to create and delete elements of the workgroup. 
  • The following elements can be managed:
    • Allow members to create and update channels. 
    • Allow members to delete and restore channels. 
    • Allow members to add and remove apps. 
    • Allow members to upload custom apps (by third parties). 
    • Allow members to create, update and remove tabs. 
    • Allow members to create, update and remove connectors. 
    • Give members the option to delete their messages.
    • Give members the option to edit their messages.
    • Allow guests (members outside the university) to create and update channels.
    • Allow guests to delete channels.

  • It is possible to discuss a document in MS Teams - share additional comments, assign tasks, etc. 
    • Select the function Conversation.
  • The conversation is visible also in the main chat view. 
  • Please note! This function only works with documents added to MS Teams. 
    • External resources (e.g. a Sharepoint folder) do not support the Conversation function. 

  • Each MS O365 online application has a button of nine dots in the top left corner. Clicking on it opens a menu of different MS O365 applications.

  • By default, notifications are disabled in Teams groups. Generally, it is reasonable to turn them on.  
  • It is important to use the @ mark before a member’s or team’s name in messages to call their attention@name, @channel, @team. This way the person or the group will get a notification. 

  1. Click your profile picture in the Teams window. 
  2. Select Settings. 
  3. In the General menu you can choose between three themes: Default, Dark or High Contrast. 

  • Problem: Screen sharing does not work after MacOS Catalina update. 
  • Solution: Select System Preferences -> Security & Privacy, under Privacy find “Screen Recording” and allow Teams.

Also check the Microsoft forums.

Set the account status to Do Not Disturb.

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