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University of Tartu IT wiki

In this guide, you will find information about the internet connection of UT academic buildings and dormitories.

University of Tartu offers a wireless internet service in most of the university’s buildings.

There are three wireless networks managed by the information technology office. These are eduroam and ut-public in most buldings except dormitories, where campuswifi is used instead of ut-public.

People, who have an University of Tartu user account or an account from another institution that has joined the eduroam project, should use the eduroam network. This network is much more secure than the public network (authenticated users, encrypted traffic). Eduroam will also connect you to the university’s computer network, which will allow you to use network printers and network drives.

The network called ut-public primarily meant for people, who do not have an user account from University of Tartu.

Detailed information about Campuswifi: Campuswifi on the premises of University of Tartu and Tartu Student Village.

To send e-mails, you can use the server.
Using the University of Tartu user account, you can also use the server over a secure SSL connection (port 465).


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