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Eduroam stands for Education Roaming and is a federation of institutions offering Internet connectivity to users from all participating institutions through a RADIUS server hierarchy system.
Originally European cooperation, eduroam has now transformed into a global infrastructure with members from all over the world.

More information is available on the EENet eduroam page.

The automatic configuration installer can be downloaded via
The page will automatically display your operating system and will allow you to download the correct installer.
To initiate the download, click on the box that says download your eduroam installer and click on the University of Tartu in the next window.

After the download finishes, run the installer and follow the instructions displayed on your screen.

The automatic configuration will prompt you for a username and password. Enter your university username and add in the end -

NB! Your password should not contain characters like õüäöéè or ÕÜÄÖÉÈ as these will cause issues when connecting to eduroam. The Information Technology Office is working on fixing the issue.

Manual configuration guides

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