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IT info of the University of Tartu


Here you can contact the UT helpdesk (IT helpdesk, e-learning, DHIS).


Here you can check the information about the status of the university's IT services and planned outages.


Here you can find information on a range of computer-related topics.



Check your information security knowledge

Joonas Masing 14.03.23

We invite all employees of the University of Tartu to check their information security knowledge with cyber hygiene tests in the online environment. The aim of the tests is to highlight the main risks of everyday computer use through real-life examples and...

Digital cleanup guidelines

Imre Lall 05.02.23

Digital junk is the stuff that unknowingly but surely accumulates on our computers. Over time, various useless programs, documents and many other unwanted things appear in the machine. Therefore, using the computer becomes more cumbersome and...

Data phishing

Margo Mõis 25.11.22

Phishing is a fraud scheme aimed at extracting access data, passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information from computer users. In general, phishing attempts by scammers reach users…