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In this guide, you will find tips on how to use Microsoft Planner.

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titleThe "My tasks" function is best suited for managing tasks in a personal view
  • If you have a lot of work in different projects (on desktops), it is best to manage them in the My tasks view, where the work assigned to you from all projects is concentrated.

titleThe desktop view can be set to list-based, statistics-based, or calendar-based
  • The default desktop view is Board.
  • Desktop View Options:
    • Board - jobs are in job lists.
    • Charts - statistics of works.
    • Schedule - work in calendar view.

titleThe work overview can be easily grouped by priority, person in charge, deadline, etc. 
  • If there are a lot of jobs on the job board, grouping them by category of interest helps create clarity and overview.
  • Grouping categories:
    • Bucket (job list).
    • Assigned to.
    • Progress.
    • Due date.
    • Labels.
    • Priority.

titleJobs can be grouped into job lists (Bucket)
  • According to the job list, it is possible to group jobs in a way that suits you.
  • By default, there is one To do list.
  • New lists can be created easily.
    • E.g. Backlog, FAST!, Coming soon.
  • Job lists can also be used with the filtering function.

titleThe filtering function allows you to keep the work with the corresponding feature on the desktop
  • If there are a lot of jobs on the job board, it is sometimes helpful to filter the jobs according to the characteristic of interest.
  • Filtering features:
    • Due.
    • Priority.
    • Label.
    • Bucket (job list).

titleReferences and documents can be linked to the work
  • A reference to important material can be associated with the work.
  • You can connect:
    • File.
    • Link (web reference.
    • Online document (SharePoint).
  • The reference of the material or the preview of the online document can be shown on the work card (Show on card).
    • In the case of a known document, a thumbnail of the content of the corresponding document is shown.

titleIt is reasonable to add information about the progress of work as comments
  • It is reasonable to include comments and questions about the progress of the work as comments.
  • The person in charge of the works will receive a notification about adding a comment.

titleWork subtasks can be added to the work as a checklist.
  • Work sub-activities can be added to jobs as a checklist.
  • The checklist can also be displayed on the work overview card.
    • Select the Show on card check box next to the checklist.

titleIn the work overview, important work elements can be shown on the work map (e.g. referenced document, checklist, brief description of the work)
  • In the work overview, important work elements (e.g. referenced document, checklist, description) can be shown on the work map.
  • To do this, you have to select the Show on card check box next to the corresponding element.
  • NB! Only one element can be shown at a time.
  • You can add to the work preview:
    • Notes.
    • Checklist.
    • Attachment.

titleJobs can be marked with additional tags (6 tags)
  • Jobs can be categorized using tags.
  • You can use 6 labels and they are colored.
  • Labels are visible in the job overview on the job card.
  • Tags can be used for filtering and grouping.

titleIt is possible to export job information to Excel
  • Desktop work can be exported to Excel.
  • All important details of the works are transferred.

titleThe jobs overview can be added to the Outlook calendar or shared with partners
  • You can add the the jobs overview to your calendar as an iCalendar reference.
  • If desired, this reference can also be shared with an internal or external partner of the university.

titleIt is possible to create a personal, public, or project-based to-do list
  • The job list can be related to a Teams team, personal, or available to the entire university family.

titleMany desktops can be marked as favorites
  • Desktop favorites are shown as preferred in the desktop lists.