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In this guide, you will find instructions about communicating with the list server via e-mail.

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(info) Eesti keeles

SYMPA mailing list software enables mailing list management via email and web. The same operations can be performed via the web interface, but all this is visually easier and perhaps more understandable.

SYMPA commands are divided into two groups: commands for regular users and moderators/administrators.

NB! All commands must be sent to

SYMPA commands for regular users

SYMPA command for regular userCommandDescription
The same helper file.
INFO <list>
Information about the list.
List of mailing lists managed by this server.
REView <list>
List <list> readers list.
Shows which lists you are a member of.
SUBscribe <list> <name>
To join or confirm joining the list <list>.
UNSubscribe <list> <EMAIL>
To leave list <list>. <EMAIL> is optional, it is used if the "From:" field is different from the registered address.
Leave all lists.
SET <list>|* NOMAIL
Temporarily stops receiving e-mails from the list <list>.
SET <list>|* DIGEST
List e-mails are sent as summaries at the end of the day.
E-mails are sent as text summaries.
SET <list>|* SUMMARY
Only get index of e-mail. 
SET <list>|* NOTICE
Only get a subject line from each e-mail.
SET <list>|* MAIL
Receive list <list> messages as usual
SET <list>|* CONCEAL
You can hide your list membership status (hide your address).
You can show your list membership status (show your address).
INDex <list>
Listi <list> arhiivifailide nimekiri. Archive file list of list <list>.
GET <list> <file>
To get <file> list from <list> archive.
LAST <list>
Used to get the last e-mail from list <list>.
INVITE <list> <email>
You are inviting <email> to join <list>.
Confirmation key for sending the e-mail (depends on the list setting).
End of commands (to ignore e-mail signature).

SYMPA commands for list managers

SYMPA commands for list managersCommandDescription
ADD <list> username@host Fullname
Add a user as a member of the list.
DEL <list> username@host
Remove a user as a member of the list.
STATS <list>
Statistics of list <list>.
REMIND <list>
Send a reminder e-mail to all members of the list (possibility to inform which address users have joined).
DISTribute <list> <key>
Accept an e-mail.
REJect <list> <key>
Moderation: reject an e-mail.
Moderation: get a list of messages to be moderated.