This guide aims to support University of Tartu researchers in complying with the Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. As that inevitably requires some knowledge of data protection principles, the guide deals with the ethical handling and processing of personal data in research.

The guide explains how legislation related to personal data protection affects research work and points out the exceptions. Reading the guide does not require any previous knowledge of data protection: all the relevant concepts and general principles are explained in the first chapter.

The guide is further structured according to data lifecycle: the second chapter deals with the planning of research, the third with data collection and analysis, and the fourth with publication and retention of data. If you cannot find an answer to a specific question in this guide, you are welcome to contact the data protection specialists of the University of Tartu at

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Authors: Marten Juurik, Terje Mäesalu and Tiiu Tarkpea.

Editor: Helika Mäekivi
Translator: Ann Kuslap

Copyright: Marten Juurik, Terje Mäesalu, Tiiu Tarkpea, and the University of Tartu, 2023

This guide is available for use under the Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC 4.0.

Guide PDF version HERE.

You can open the guide in Estonian HERE

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