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In this guide you will find instructions for secure communication with the University of Tartu network using a VPN.

You can use a secure VPN tunnel to communicate with the University of Tartu’s computer network.

When you have established a VPN connection from your personal device, all internet traffic will be encrypted and routed through the University network.

Using a VPN connection will allow you to use the internal services of the University of Tartu’s computer network. These services include using network drives and printing. You can also use the VPN connection on-site (in case you need additional security in the local network), not only off-site.

For VPN connections, use GlobalProtect VPN or EduVPN client.


Paloalto GlobalProtect VPN is the recommended VPN solution for connecting to the University of Tartu’s computer network with Windows or MacOS X computers. GlobalProtect can be installed on Windows 64-bit, Windows 32-bit, Mac and Linux.

To use the university's VPN service, it is now also possible to use the EduVPN software. You can read more information about this project at

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