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In this guide, you will find instructions about creating and closing a mailing list.

If the planned mailing list is not directly or indirectly related to the University of Tartu, educational, scientific and cultural institutions can, if they wish, create their own mailing list on a server managed by EENet.

Creating a mailing list

The mailing list service is primarily offered to employees and students of the University of Tartu. However, the university may also provide a mailing list service to other organizations related to educational and research activities.

The mailing list is created and closed through the system on the basis of a request sent to the information security manager. The request must include information about the mailing list's purpose, name, and responsible user. 

The SYMPA web interface must be used to complete the application for creating a mailing list, it assumes that the user is logged in.

The most important thing is to come up with a name for the list, following the rules of suggested names for mailing lists You can't use punctuation, capital letters, or spaces. In the list name field of the application form, only the name of the list must be written without the ending

When creating a list, you can choose between three list types. Once the list is created, its settings can be reconfigured in several different ways as needed. In the subject box of the list, write as briefly and specifically as possible who and what this list is intended for. It is also necessary to fill in the category and description cells. Once the list has been created, the owner of the list can change its settings (members, etc.), but it can only be used in reality if the list manager approves the request for the list.

Closing a mailing list

The mailing list can be closed by the list owner. The list can be closed from the SYMPA web interface "Administration" and "Close list". Then the list can only be restored by the listmaster. If the list is closed, it is possible for the list manager to completely delete the list.

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