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In this guide, you will find instructions on how to clean up in Moodle.

Deleting old courses

  • There are many courses in Moodle that are outdated and no longer recommended for use.
  • Only Moodle administrators can delete courses from Moodle.
  • A deleted course cannot be restored later.

Please let us know about the courses you want to have deleted at, sending the following information about the course to be deleted:

  • Course title (including subject code, if available).
  • Course home page address (exact URL).
  • A short explanation of why you want to delete the course.

Clearing courses from old study groups

There are courses in Moodle that were last used more than two years ago, but still have the last group of learners in them. Please review all your Moodle courses and clear the course. Instructions for clearing a course: Sisu@UT guide: Ending a course in Moodle (in Estonian).

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