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In this guide, you will find instructions on how to make more space in the Microsoft 365 environment during digital cleaning.

NB! The 2023 digital waste cleanup has ended! See you again soon!

Many of us have created data on various external data carriers during their work and are faced with the problem of how to dispose of them properly. If you no longer need the data stored on these data carriers or you have made copies of them, it is possible to dispose of the external data carriers as part of the digital cleanup in 2023:  from January 23 to the morning of January 30 in the following university buildings:

  • Nooruse 1

  • Ravila 14a

  • Ravila 19

  • W. Ostwaldi 1

  • Riia 23

  • Jakobi 2

  • Lossi 36

  • Ülikooli 18

  • Ülikooli 18a

  • Narva mnt. 18

  • Vanemuise 46

  • J. Liivi 2

  • Lossi 3

  • Näituse 20

  • Struwe 1

Digital waste containers are located in the lobbies of the buildings and are marked accordingly.


The following items can be placed in the digital waste container: 

  • data carriers (USB memory sticks etc.)
  • floppy disks and CD/DVD disks
  • magnetic cards
  • cassettes, old films or audio tapes

Digital waste, that cannot be placed in the container:

  • hard drives
  • phones;
  • other electronics. 

The disposal of digital waste is organized by Ühisteenused AS in cooperation with the real estate department.

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