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In this guide, you will find instructions about creating inbox rules in Outlook.

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The purpose of inbox rules is to simplify sorting of incoming messages into folders.

Rules will automatically check if incoming e-mails have all the conditions met which are set up in the rule and moves the e-mails to the desired folder.
Below you can find instructions on how to set up such rules.

Creating inbox rules

  1. Log into your e-mail account here.

  2. When you've logged in, choose Settings (Gear icon) on the top-right corner. Choose Mail from the bottom of the menu.
    In the new menu, which opened at the left side, choose Mail → Automatic processing → Inbox and sweep rules.
  3. Clicking on the "+" sign opens a new window where you can create a new rule for your incoming e-mails.
    In the Name field write the name of your rule.
    From the first drop-down menu choose a condition of the e-mail.
    From the second drop-down menu choose, what to do with the e-mail which meets the rule conditions.
    In the picture below is shown a rule which moves the e-mails that have the word "conference" in the subject or e-mail text into the folder "Konverents".
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  4. When you've finished setting up the rule, click OK.
  5. If you want to temporarily disable a rule, remove the tick in front of the rule and click Save.
  6. If you want to delete a rule, choose the desired rule and click delete. After that, click Save.