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In this guide, you will find information about Worksup software.

Worksup is an online application created to improve interactivity and foster communication at events, conferences, workshops and seminars. It allows for managing the schedule, preparing tasks and conducting polls among participants.


See the offer for more details.

  • The event schedule can be displayed on the screen during the broadcast.
  • Participants can ask questions from the presenters during the conference.
  • Both live stream and pre-recorded presentations can be used.
  • Presenters can assign tasks to participants and conduct polls.
  • Networking option.
  • The background colour, header and other design elements of the virtual conference can be modified.
  • The Worksup team offers user support and/or training to conference organisers.
  • Custom design solutions: starting from 400 euros, repeated use starting from 150 euros.
  • Custom access solutions: starting from 200 euros, repeated use starting from 150 euros.
  • Project management: 400–3,000 euros.
  • Advanced analytics solutions: starting from 100 euros.
  • Option to organise and present expos: starting from 650 euros.
  • Technical production, e.g. live streaming and video editing.

If you want to start using the platform, go to and register as a user. Make sure to use your UT email address (

In addition to the platform, organising a good virtual conference requires a video production company that helps to make a quality broadcast. In the case of large conferences, it is also a good idea to cooperate with a conference management agency who helps to create the concept of the event and ensure an integrated result.

Worksup customer support will help you find answers to questions regarding new events and additional service needs and support that may arise within them.

On behalf of the university, the chief international cooperation specialist Kristel Pedassaar ( helps to find answers to technical and substantive questions concerning Worksup.

You can freely create, produce, and manage the stream with your efforts. For example, via YouTube Live, Vimeo Live or UT's streaming server. It is also possible through the university's multimedia team, which creates the necessary slot in UTTV.

If the stream is embeddable, you can place it in Worksup. We recommend testing it in the participant view a few days before the start of the event.

See the possibility of using MS Stream, including the Video conference applications at UT.

If you produce a stream from a Zoom Webinar or meeting (for example via YouTube Live, Vimeo Live or UT streaming server), you can insert it into Worksup. This option works, for example, to get remote presenters or panellists into the stream.

Zoom video conference cannot (yet) be embedded in Worksup. However, links can be added to the program to join a Zoom video conference outside Worksup.

One Worksup event can have one admin. If delegating to a trusted partner. It is not possible to add other users to the admin status. Making changes in Worksup simultaneously is not recommended and concurrent editing should be avoided.

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