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In this guide, you will find instructions about renaming a mailing list.

Only the owner of the mailing list can change the name of the mailing list.

Renaming a mailing list

  1. Open the UT Sympa website ( 

  2. To log in, follow the instructions:
    1. From the upper right panel, select Login.
    2. Fill in the cells:
      1. Email address: e-mail of the owner of the mailing list
      2. Password: the password of the user of the mailing list owner
    3. Then click Go.
  3. Open My lists.
  4. Open the mailing list whose name you want to change.

  5. From the menu on the left, select Admin.
  6. Select Rename List.
  7. Use the knowledge obtained from the guide Suggested names for mailing lists:
    1. In the New list name box, enter the new name of the list;
    2. Click Rename this list.
  8. In the confirmation window, press the Confirm button.

  9. IT helpdesk confirms the request and the mailing list name will be changed.

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