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In this guide, you can find instructions on how to request a domain name subscription for the web page that belongs to the University of Tartu.

A domain name is a unique name used to identify services on the Internet, consisting of letters, numbers, and hyphens separated by periods. Dots define the hierarchical structure of the domain name, which is read from right to left.

  • A domain name cannot begin or end with a hyphen.
  • A domain name can also contain umlaut letters (ä, ö, ü, õ).
  • A domain name can refer to a specific device connected to a computer network or sub-services located on the device.
  • A subdomain name can start with a number.
  • Multiple domain names can refer to the same device or service.

You can find more detailed information about ordering web certificates in the guide Ordering web certificates for domain names.

Ordering domain names

Please contact IT-department to request the domain name subscription for the web pages that belong to Tartu University.

  1. One exception is Please follow the guide sub-paragraph "Custom UT-domain" when requesting the domain name for the server.
  2. Domain names with the ending of are registered only when absolutely necessary.
  3. The IT-department will decide if the registration of the requested domain name is justified.
  4. The requested domain name will have to comply with the established requirements: sub-paragraph 3.2.
  5. The domain name must be free for registration. This can be checked on the page .
  6. Domain names with the ending of are registered free of charge. For other domains some fee might apply. The price can be checked on the web-page under "Enter the desired domain name".
  7. One has to also supply the desired period of validity in years when requesting the paid domain name. IT-department will forward the invoice to registrant and the requested domain name will be activated after the registrar receives the payment.
  8. IT-department will carry out complementary activities like configuring the name server.
  9. IT-department will send out remainder to registrant about one month before the expiration of the registration period. The registration can be extended up to three months before the deadline. The expired domain name might end up on auction and is free for registration only after failed auction process. 
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