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In this guide, you will find instructions on how to create surveys in Microsoft Forms.


  1. Go to and log in with your UT user in the form: and password.
  2. Click Apps on the left panel.
  3. Find the Forms icon and select it.

    NB! MS Forms is displayed in the language of the browser. For example, if Estonian is selected as the display language in the browser, then MS Forms is also in Estonian.
  1. Click the downwards arrow next to New Quiz.
  2. Select New Form.
  3. Click Untitled form to change the title.

  4. After inserting a title/description, Forms will automatically suggest you different ways of asking questions.
  5. Types of questions:
    1. Choice (one or more).
    2. Text answer (user writes the answer).
    3. Scale (on a scale of 2-10).
    4. Date.
    5. Ranking.
    6. Liktert scale.
  6. To add new questions, click Add new at the bottom of the poll.

Before sharing the poll, it's worth checking out the preview.

  1. If you want to preview your poll, click Preview on the top right of your screen.
  2. Here you can see a preview of your poll on the computer and on mobile. To return to editing, press ← Back.
  3. If your poll is ready, click Collect responses on the top right of your screen.
  4. In the left side of the new window opened, you can choose permissions for sharing your poll.
  5. There are many different ways to share a poll:
  6. URL (copy a link and send it to participants).
  7. Send a direct invitation to a person, a group, in a chat or in a channel.
  8. Create a QR code (Recipients can scan the code on a phone or tablet to access the form).
  9. View the embed code of your poll and insert it in a website or send as a part of an e-mail.
  1. When participants have voted in your poll, you can view the results by clicking the Repsonses (1) tab.
  2. Statistics about the answers will be shown, also a detailed overview
  3. To import the answers to Microsoft Excel, click Open in Excel.

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