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In this guide, you will find information about the Grammarly software.

Institute of Computer Sciences of the University of Tartu has piloted a project to sign a contract with Grammarly. That means we now have 5000 Grammarly licenses for all UT's users. 

In order to use Grammarly, you first have to register an account. The registration is done through Office365 website. Grammarly requires you to be logged into Office365 with your University of Tartu’s account and then choose Grammarly from the App selection. This needs to be done once, and from then on, you can access Grammarly through the website

For more information, check Grammarly engagement.

Setting up

  1. Log in with your University of Tartu’s account at website
  2. Click the All Apps button in the lower left corner.

  3. A selection of 365 applications opens up. Click on the one named Grammarly.

  4. Now you are logged into Grammarly and your account has automatically been registered and given a University of Tartu's license.
    From now on, you can just go to and then login with your account.
    Office365 login has to be done only once.

  5. From now on, you can log in directly from with your university account. By entering your university's email address in the email address box on the Grammarly website, you will be redirected to log in to the university's SSO login credentials.

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