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In this guide, you will find instructions on how to check your information security knowledge.

We invite all employees of the University of Tartu to check their information security knowledge with cyber hygiene tests in the online environment. The aim of the tests is to highlight the main risks of everyday computer use through real-life examples and test questions and to make the computer user think about them.

Cyber hygiene test

In the background of recent events, it has become clear that security, including cyber security, is not self-evident. Every employee can contribute to increasing the university's cyber security by being aware of the cyber threats that affect them.

As users, we are all the first targets of cyber criminals. We can protect ourselves from cyber threats by continuously improving our skills and knowledge and implementing safe behavior habits. It is important to be aware of cyber threats, to be able to recognize the risks and to immediately report the incident to University of Tartu IT support.
In cooperation with the company CybExer Technologies OÜ, we have created an online environment for cyber hygiene tests, you can log in to the online environment with your usual UT username and password. Check more about logging in here.

The environment has three training modules (Cyber Hygiene, Work from Home and Data Protection module) consisting of an introductory questionnaire, a course and a test, illustrated with images and explanatory videos. When completing the modules, it is also possible to write comments, and everyone can receive a brief summary of the risks found during the test to their e-mail address.
Check Online environment for cyber hygiene tests.

Additional information

  • The introduction of online training for cyber hygiene tests was agreed at the meeting of the UT rector's office on March 15, 2022, the protocol can be viewed here.
  • The Foreign Intelligence Service has also written about the dangers of cyber security and the importance of good cyber hygiene here.
  • The training modules can be completed in both Estonian and English, and the training can be left unfinished at any time if necessary and later continued from the same place.
  • There is no time limit for completing the training.
  • There are no grades for passing the training modules, but a summary with risk vectors and areas that you should pay attention to in the future will be sent to your e-mail address.
  • The feedback given during the training can only be seen by the environment manager, who is allowed to use it only for planning future trainings and organizing preventive work.

The training module may not contain new information for knowledgeable and experienced specialists, but we still ask you to complete the modules in order to be an example to others and give us feedback, if necessary, that will help to make the training even better.
Please report all problems related to the use of the environment to computer assistance on phone 737 5500, on the UT helpdesk portal or to the e-mail address
Substantive proposals regarding the training module are welcome to the Information Security Manager Risto Rahu at the e-mail address of

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