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Searching for messages

You can search for messages, depending on the folder, by the sender’s or receiver’s name, message title or content.

To search for messages in a folder, enter the search word in the Search messages field (see Figure). 

Deleting of messages

To delete all the messages in a folder, open the folder, fill the checkbox at the top of the folder (see Figure p 1) and then click the dustbin icon (see Figure p 2).

All the messages in this folder will be deleted. 

To delete a certain message, hold the cursor in front of the message and fill the checkbox that appears (see Figure p 1), then click the dustbin icon (see Figure p 2).

The checked letter(s) will be deleted from this folder.

You can also delete the message from the form of viewing its content. For this, open the message and click the dustbin icon in the same view (see Figure).

The message will be deleted from the folder.

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