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For composing a new message, click the Compose button in the Messages module (see Figure). 

The message composing form opens. 

To add a receiver to the form, click the + sign at the end of the line (see Figure).

The Search and add receiver form opens (see Figure).

Begin with entering the receiver’s name in the search field. Searching by name, you can send a message from the mailbox of messages to any person related to the university. The search activates when you have entered at least two characters. After finding the addressee, click the name and, thereafter, the button Add (see Figure).

Receivers can be added only individually. If there are more addressees than one, the Add receiver procedure must be repeated for adding each following one.

Enter the subject of the message and its content.

  • The message will be sent to the mailbox of SIS messages of the persons who have been selected as receivers.
  • The checkbox Send also an e-mail is filled by default (see Figure).

In this case, the message is also sent to the e-mail addresses in the contact data of the selected persons.

The addressee will receive the e-mail from the sender’s university e-mail address (if this is missing, from the e-mail address in the sender’s SIS contacts). When replying to the letter, the message is not sent to the system of SIS messages but to the receiver’s e-mail address.
  • Empty the checkbox if you want to send the message only to the person’s mailbox of SIS messages.

To send the message, click the Send button in the message composing form (see Figure p 1). To cancel composing/sending the message, click the button Cancel (see Figure p 2).

You can see the sent messages in the folder Sent; read more in the chapter “Viewing sent messages.

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