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Sometimes it might be necessary to set up an automatic answering service. This guide is supposed to help a little with that.

Setting up automatic answer for vacation

This guide applies to those cases aswell, who use a dedicated mail client like Thunderbird or Outlook.

  1. Open your browser and go to

  2. Log in using your UT user name and password.

  3. On the opened page choose "Settings" from the top right part of the screen.

  4. Choose "Filters". Older type mailbox users will then redirected to vacation message setup page (point 5) while for newer type mailbox users a filter setup page will open (Point 6).

  5. Write the vacation message you'd like to be sent and activate it.

  6. Upon first time use you might not have any filters. If that is the case, roundcube offers to use default filters (Use default filters.) If filters have been taken into use, choose "out-of-office/puhkuseteade" from the left menu, write your vacation message into the corresponding box, choose the aliases, which are needed (Depending on which alias is the one you want the automatic answerer to work on), and after that activate the filter.


Upon any problems please contact the department of information technology.
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