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Eestikeelne versioon KKK-st asub siin: Kaugtöö Tartu Ülikoolis. Korduma kippuvad küsimused.

Dear university members,

Fight against the COVID-19 outbreak has led to a situation where we have to avoid physical contact and can no longer work in our habitual workplace.

Nevertheless, I want to urge you not to become enclosed in social isolation, but to smartly continue your normal work, as much as possible. Do not cancel discussions and meetings – these can be held using digital means.

The information system of the University of Tartu is rather well prepared for work irrespective of location and time. To guide you, we have gathered frequently asked questions about distance work to this article and will keep it updated.

Let’s stay healthy!

Erkki Leego, Chief Digital Officer of the University of Tartu

If you have topic or question that should be added to this page, please send it to the IT helpdesk. Have a look to Organisation of work of the IT Office during state of emergency.

Frequently asked questions about distance work 


Where can I get help and guidance? 


What equipment do I need for distance work? 

  • For most applications of the UT information system, you only need a computer connected to the internet and a web browser. 

  • Most UT applications can be also used in a smart mobile device. 

  • For video calls, online seminars and recording of lectures you need a microphone, headphones and a camera. To order equipment, contact the IT helpdesk. 

  • All university members (more than 17,000 people) can use the applications of MS Office 365 online or download the applications to up to five computers. Guidelines on how to become a user of MS Office 365 and to get the software: Microsoft Office 365 Education 


What is the best tool for web discussions? 

  • The first choice for discussions is Microsoft Teams. See Microsoft Teams - teamwork at distance 

  • Since all UT members have an account in the application via our centralised account management, it is very easy to invite discussion partners 

  • MS Teams has a good meetings feature allowing to 

    • broadcast audio and video 

    • share screen 

    • share files 

    • communicate via text chat 

    • record video 


What are the best tools for e-learning? 


What is the best software for teamwork? 


How to create a mailing list? 

  • A mailing list service is a good way to send information to a large number of people. 

  • Teams created in MS Teams get a team e-mail address. 

    • The team e-mail address can be added to the address book of the central e-mail service MS Outlook and then used as the recipient’s e-mail address 

    • To add an address to the address book, contact the IT helpdesk 


Where to store and share files? 


What should I know about cybersecurity? 

  • Distance work involves an additional risk regarding data management and the use of applications 

  • Make sure you work only in a secure computer network 

  • Keep the data and files only in environments supported by the university and accessed by the centralised user account of the UT 

    • For files, it is advisable to use the Files section of an MS Teams workspace and Onedrive connected to it 

    • If you encounter research databases or applications that are not suited for distance work, let us know. Please send this information to IT helpdesk 

  • If you do not remember your password, change itsecurely on 

  • See the Guidelines on cybersecurity 


How to set up a remote desktop connection (to a lab computer/desktop computer)? 

  • In special circumstances, employees are allowed to set up a remote desktop connection to their desktop computer, lab computer or another smart device in the internal computer network 

    • A secure connection can be created by virtual private network (VPN) software. See VPN connection 

    • You can also use the Remote Desktop application on your computer. To connect, enter the name or IP-address of your lab computer or desktop computer 

    • The Remote Desktop access right requires single activation by the IT administrator. To request access, contact the IT helpdesk 


When do I need VPN software? 

  • Most applications of the UT information system, as well as the applications of MS Office 365, can be securely used without a VPN connection 

  • You need VPN to access network drives and some devices (e.g. lab computer) located in the internal network of the university 

    • Consider taking all your file management online using MS Onedrive. 

    • Consider creating teams in MS Teams 

  • Some databases of the UT library require using VPN for access outside the internal network of the university 


How to forward calls from your desk phone to your mobile? 


How to get distance work software to my (home) computer and smart device? 

  • All university members (more than 17,000) can use the applications of MS Office 365 online or download the application to up to five computers. 

  • Guidelines on how to become a user of MS Office 365 and to get the software: Microsoft Office 365 Education 

  • Office applications for Apple and Android smart devices can be downloaded from corresponding app stores. When signing up as an Office user, enter your user account name as 


What to bear in mind when taking my desktop computer home? 

  • If you want to take your desktop computer home, first contact the IT helpdesk. Your computer settings may need to be modified for working from home. 

  • Follow the main cybersecurity requirements 

    • Only authorised users may use the computer 

    • Make sure you are using a secure network at home 

    • See also Guidelines on cybersecurity 


Why should I use the products of Microsoft Office 365, including Teams? 

  • All university members have the user rights of MS O365, including Teams, and taking it into use involves no additional cost 

  • Teams can be used for online discussions, sharing and collaborating on files and chat 

  • Each Teams user can create a designated workspace for their team or unit 

  • Some myths debunked: 

    • You do not need to have Windows operating system to use Teams and MS O365. There are applications for most operating systems (including Mac and Linux) and they also function in most web browsers 

    • To participate in a Teams meeting, the invited participant does not need to have a user account of the university or that of Microsoft Office 

    • To participate in a Teams meeting, the participant does not need the Teams application: it can be also done in a web browser 

    • To participate via a smart device, an application must be downloaded from the corresponding app store 

    • People who do not have a university account can be also added to Teams teams 

    • MS Onedrive and Sharepoint allow sharing files also to people who do not have a university account or e-mail address